Mar 26

Featured Newsletter – DGM The UK’s most experienced affiliate network

This month we’d like to showcase a great example newsletter created by – DGM, the UK’s most experienced  affiliate network.

We designed a custom template to promote the DGM brand and give a more professional look to all their newsletter mailings. With well written content, this is an excellent example of a newsletter designed for hundreds of subscribers.

DGM empower their customers with control over their affiliate and search marketing campaigns, deliver more performance, and ultimately… more return on investment.

Take a look at their website and you will immediately notice the newsletter subscription box on EVERY page. Using the WordPress Nourish plugin makes this incredibly simple. You are more than welcome to sign up!

Thanks to Chris here is some valuable feedback about DGM’s experience of Nourish:

Why did you want a newsletter in the first place? We wanted to be able to provide a weekly touch-point to for our current and prospective clients to keep us front of mind.

Why did you choose Nourish? I was keen to reuse content already written on our blog and site so RSS was the way forward.  The fact that Nourish can aggregate more than 1 feed was the decisive factor, plus all sites are built using WordPress.

How easy was it to get going with Nourish and would you recommend us to friends/ colleagues? Pretty easy, except the template, but Nourish did that for us. And there were a couple of glitches with links not working. Took about a month to get up and running smoothly. And yes, I would.

How much has your web traffic increased thanks to Nourish? Too early to tell, but the visitors that have come through have spent the longest time on the site and viewed more pages than average.

Have you noticed more engagement on your blog with returning visitors? Mildly but can’t attribute that to the newsletter yet.

How do you intend to promote your newsletter to increase subscribers? The sign up boxes are on both the blog and the main site for organic growth.  Sales team will be encouraging people to sign up and will promote via Twitter, Facebook etc. We’re also going to increase the scope of the blog to include more interest pieces.

Hope you liked today’s feature. Stay tuned for new Nourish features to make sure your newsletters are smart and powerful!

If you’d like to have your newsletter featured on our blog, please forward it to me at my[at] and we’ll showcase it in one of our next editions.

Here are some great tips for creating amazing email newsletters. And remember if you still need a little help getting your newsletter as bright as you want it, just drop me a line, I’ll be happy to help.


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