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A lot of people out there seem to really like Nourish. We thought we’d share some of the nice things they are saying about us.

“At Underground Book Reviews, we spent a lot of time trying to find a free website that would enable us to send a weekly newsletter with all of our blog posts instead of an email every time we posted something, which crowded our subscribers’ inboxes. I was excited when I finally found, and even more excited when I signed up and discovered exactly how easy it is to use. Since we started using, many of our subscribers have switched to the weekly option, and we have rapidly gained readers. Now our followers can get a weekly book review without having a cluttered inbox!”
A. B. Riddle

Thank you for your help with a recent technical problem I had. It turns out that the problem wasn’t with but with the way I was using it.’ support helped troubleshoot the difficulty and enabled me to find the solution through persistence, patience, and knowledge. Thank you very much!
William Frey

“Nourish is a very easy to use interface. Yet I was stuck on a detail that prevents the creation of my newsletters. The customer service has solved my problem quickly and efficiently with a very human approach. A real connection that made the difference for me.”
Pascaline Charrin

“I love this service and recently changed my email group over to use Nourish (my readers don’t understand rss)…”
Paul Edstrom

“So far, I’m very impressed by Nourish. great job!”
Mike Werner

“I’m looking forward to trying your service along with my application. I can see a lot of value in the combination of both services in much the same way as you have described in the Basecamp article on your web site.”
Jason Vicinanza

“It’s very easy to use…”
Anonymous Author

“Hmmm… sounds similar to Feedburner’s email subscription service. Well yes the concept is same, however implementation seems more refined loads with number of features.”

“I’ve been looking for/thinking about building something like Nourish for a while. I love what you guys have done so far.”

“Looks great guys!!… great support!”
Sean Singleton, Creative Director

“Seriously, this is a tool I can’t wait to show off.”
“We have really needed something like Nourish for several months, and you’ve made my year by getting it up and running… seriously, thank you.”
“I would love, love, LOVE to use your service for managing our internal newsletter for our university.”
“We’ve been fiddling with Feedburner and Feedblitz, but I really like the presentation by Nourish.”
Mindy Limback

“I would just like to say how easy it was to set up my first broadcast – I’ve migrated from Zookoda that was terribly complicated in comparison. Nourish is looking mighty fine so far!”
“Loving the simplicity of…”
“The first newsletter was emailed without any problems on my side. The newsletter was emailed automatically at 15:00 Paris time, so it looks like the new service is working fine.”
Andrew Barrow

“I love the product, first. It’s awesome.”
Nate Ritter