Multiple Campaigns


Running multiple email campaigns

to target multiple audiences or to promote
different products is an essential part of any marketing strategy.
Segmenting your subscribers into multiple campaigns allows you to deliver
more relevant content and reduce unsubscribers.

Each campaign represents a different


…that your readers can subscribe to. Nourish
allows you to manage an unlimited number of campaigns. The big advantage of
multiple campaigns is that it allows you to segment your subscribers.
Campaigns may vary according to the demographics of your
subscriber. For example, you may want to target female / male
subscribers differently, or some subscribers may be interested in a particular set of your products and services. If you are a B2B organization a good way to segment your subscribers is by industry sector.

Creating different campaigns is easy…

…and managing subscribers is effortless. You can use different feeds for different campaigns, have different subscribers and even use a different template for each. The opt-out process, as well as subscribing/unsubscribing to individual campaigns is fully automated.