Apr 07

A Prize is Worth 10000 Subscribers

If you're going to offer a prize make it something good!

They say a picture is worth 1000 words… We say a good prize is worth 10,000 subscribers.

Build your list of subscribers by bribing your community with a prize each month. For example, you could offer a prize for:

  • the best comment
  • the nicest testimonial 
  • forwarding the newsletter to the most people
  • proving you read the newsletter by answering a simple quiz
  • just being on the list (random selection)
  • any of the above

This will increase your subscribers and keep them subscribed for longer in hope that they win, it also helps to build your user community. Run the prize regularly and make a point of asking the winner to send in a photo showing them enjoying the prize, this will help to reinforce the message to other community members.

Make sure the prize is something good like case (not a bottle) of champagne and offer an alternative prize, in case the user doesn’t drink, for example an iPod Nano. 

Publicise the prize everywhere, on your Facebook profile, Linked In, Twitter as well as on your website and blog. Use a nice graphic, here are some inexpensive champagne images you could use:

Use your blog to promote the prize each month naming the winner of the last prize, ideally with a photo of them and the prize.

Here is a reliable supplier of champagne in the UK,  at $80 / €70 / £60 + postage:


Disclaimer: You may want to have a terms and conditions page for the prize, so you don’t get in to trouble sending a case of champagne to someone under the legal age limit.

Look out for our prize-post to see how you can win a case of champagne!

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    […] Offering nice prizes or inviting subscribers to vote is a fantastic way to engage your audience and identify which topics generate more interest. […]

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