Apr 02

Dynamic eNewsletters

Here at Nouri.sh we are working hard to develop and perfect a highly dynamic eNewsletter.work-in-progress

You can use Nouri.sh to its full potential by creating dynamic newsletters for your business/blog. These unique campaigns allow you to combine multiple RSS feeds and produce user specific content.

The most effective newsletters are inevitably those tailored to the individual, yet this is a rather unpractical thing to implement due to time and monetary constraints. As a result most emails are sent out to the masses, reducing their relevance and in turn their CTR. By segmenting your subscribers in to groups, and tagging your content, the right information can be sent to the right group.

This type of campaign will be useful for so many different companies. For example, travel agents, recruiters, estate agents etc. Basically anyone who has more than one target demographic. We will help to segment your audience in order to maximise results.

If you would like to get involved and try out a dynamic campaign for yourself, you can get in touch here.

guinea pig over whiteOur guinea pigs will have the flexibility to tailor the service to their needs, so give us a squeak!

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