Jan 23

Featured Newsletter – Bandit Magazine

Notice the newsletter registration form

With all the hints and tips we give out, we thought – what better way to show off how Nourish users are benefiting than to showcase some of the best newsletters, that’s why we decided it’s time to launch Nourish Featured Newsletters and start sharing the best examples of newsletters created by Nourish customers.

This month we’d like to showcase the Bandit-Magazine: http://bandit-magazine.com a webmag of today’s urban women dedicated to be
– 100% female
– 100% lifestyle
– 100% urban and fashionable!

Authors of this issue are: So D-Licious, T-BOON, Camille, Julie, Anne-Estelle writing for hundreds of subscribers. In this great newsletter you can notice the catchy subject, fancy content style and design; we’ve got plenty of images with each article which certainly improves their open and click-through rate. For more details on how to include images in your newsletters see this article

BanditMagazine - January Featured Newsletter

Looking at the website you can see how easy it is to register for the newsletter with the registration box in the right column of EVERY page. This was done simply by adding the WordPress Nourish plugin. It’s no wonder that this Nourish user is getting great repeat visits, the combination of great content and a fantastic newsletter, just keeps customers coming back for more.

So you may ask what can be done to make their next issue even better? A good fit may be a nice promotion to increase number of subscribers (for example run a prize for every 1000th subscriber), or to include retweet buttons (by installing the WordPress plugin tweetmeme). Anything else? We leave it to your imagination 🙂

If you’re especially proud of your newsletter and would like to have it featured on our blog, please forward it to me at my[at]nouri.sh and we’ll showcase it here for others to see and learn from.

If you need a little help getting your newsletter perfect, just ask, I’m always happy to help.


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