Feb 13

It is a scary fact that if you are not a well-known brand a customer will only remember you for around 12 months, even if they have previously bought something from you.

Therefore it is imperative to keep reminding your audience that you exist, reiterating who you are and what you do.

Internet Marketing

By setting up a newsletter campaign with Nouri.sh you are encouraged to keep active on your blog and social media pages, as these posts automatically drive your eNewsletters. Let Nouri.sh do the work for you! Not only this, but these activities also drive traffic to your site and contribute to better Google rankings.

Being consistent is also a very important aspect of communicating. If your newsletter has a different design each week, your audience will assume that the email came from a different company. Upload a template with your company branding and imagery and remind your readers that you exist with each email that they receive.

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