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Small businesses can easily use the solution to distribute a newsletter. It takes a very short time to set-up (the team can do it  for you if you ask nicely!) it has a great ROI and the online videos provide instant support throughout the process. There is a free  level of service so you can get started with no outlay. Here are just some ways in which individuals and small business owners can use to drive traffic to their site.


Distribute content

If you are writing blog content or a news page and not distributing it then you are not only missing a trick, you are also wasting your valuable blog posts! Not many people will remember to keep checking your site for new content, so delivering it to them automatically is a no-brainer. If someone lands on your site and they enjoy what they see, they will happily divulge their email address.

Blogging is now 20 years old and even though it has evolved, it is certainly here to stay. Blogging is now a key part of eMarketing so building an audience is really important, especially if you want your blog to be profitable rather than a hobby. The team will help you grow your subscriber base and give you pointers about your newsletter to ensure what you send out delivers results.

Personalise communication

One of the charms of owning a small business is the relationships you can build with your customers. You get to know what they like, and most importantly what they like about your business. If you are a restaurant owner this may be remembering their favourite drink or dish, if you are a personal trainer this could be remembering their past injuries or which exercises they dislike the least! However you look at it, personalisation is perceived extremely well by customers. And there is no reason why newsletters cannot work in exactly the same way.

By obtaining a little bit more information about your customer, you can target them with a highly relevant email. By tailoring the content to the reader you are not just saying, “Hello, we exist” but “Good morning Steven, we have noticed that you have visited our shop on a few occasions and we know you regularly buy batteries, so please find a discount voucher to redeem off your next purchase”. Personalising content increases click through rate and conversions.

Send a welcome email

If a customer has subscribed to your newsletter there is a good chance they are already interested in you and your product. Target new users with tailor made content to reward them for singing up and remind them why they like you! A welcome email typically attracts a 50% open rate. Unfortunately, this will decrease over time so make the most of this opportunity.  Convert this interest in to a sale by offering a discount code, or convert their interest in to social media interaction with other incentives.

For more tips about tailoring newsletters to your business needs click here

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