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handshakeAs our reliance on the internet grows each day, it is important to remember that business relationships still need to be built and maintained.

People buy people, and business relationships are extremely valuable.

Here are 3 top tips to ensure you forge relationships that last.

1. Listen more than you talk

It sounds strange, but listening to others do the talking is actually more productive than talking yourself. It means the other people get to talk about themselves (which many people enjoy), and it also shows that you are a good communicator. By listening you are learning about that person and their business, it is useful to remember some of these points and use them next time you speak. You will instantly earn respect by remembering the name of their wife, children, dog etc. and you can also use this to make a conversation more personal.

2. Be helpful

Offer something first before asking for something. If you call someone and immediately ask for something I guarantee you they will think what’s in it for me. So why not offer something first. Perhaps you know how your businesses can work together, maybe you have a funny joke or email that you could send on to them, or a book they would love to read. Show that you are interested in building a relationship, something that mutually benefits both parties and you are not just out to take, take, take.

3. Be proactive

Use the contacts you have to make better business decisions. You should know where their strengths are and be able to call on them for advice. You should also know what may be of interest to your contacts. Share relevant content with relevant people to strengthen your relationship. Show that you are on the ball, and that you remembered they had booked a holiday to Florida by forwarding news articles that will interest them.

Relationships are based on trust so it is imperative that you do what you say you will. There is nothing wrong with making notes, or setting an alarm reminder on your phone, just ensure you deliver your promise if you want to be liked and respected. In return, people are likely to refer and recommend you.

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