Feb 06

Top Tip Thursday | Segment Your Audience

The key to a good newsletter is engaging the reader; you want the reader to click through to your site, explore it, and interact with you. We find that the best way to engage a reader is to send them content that is super relevant. It seems obvious, but unfortunately it is easier said than done.

We have found that by segmenting your audience, highly relevant content IS possible.

segmentThis segmentation could take many forms, it totally depends why you use Nouri.sh and what action you want your readers to take. A great example is differentiating between B2C and B2B users, as their wants and needs are very different. There are huge differences such as price, VAT and credit.

The smaller the segments are the more focused the content will be. And the more reaction and interaction you will get from your audience.

For help segmenting your readers, or advice on who to target with what content just drop us an email.

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