May 13

… Enter our newsletter competition then by sending your newsletter to my[at]

We intend to award a feature every month and there is no deadline for this contest but why wait!? This is a great chance to get showcased and gain more subscribers. Send me your newsletter now at my[at] so that we generate awareness and exposure for you from our blog!

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And remember if you still need a little help getting your newsletter as smart and powerful as you want it, just drop me a line, I’ll be happy to help 🙂

Mar 26

This month we’d like to showcase a great example newsletter created by – DGM, the UK’s most experienced  affiliate network.

We designed a custom template to promote the DGM brand and give a more professional look to all their newsletter mailings. With well written content, this is an excellent example of a newsletter designed for hundreds of subscribers.

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Mar 21

Choose from nine stunning newsletter templates

Wow! Check out our newsletter templates, available now.

There is a simple formula to great newsletter design – keep it simple. Each template is similar in layout, but unique in imagery. Pick the template that suits you best & watch your open & click through rate soar!

There are nine distinct templates representing different sectors, demographics and industries. We’ve tried to include something for everyone. Login today to browse the new templates available.

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Jan 23

Notice the newsletter registration form

With all the hints and tips we give out, we thought – what better way to show off how Nourish users are benefiting than to showcase some of the best newsletters, that’s why we decided it’s time to launch Nourish Featured Newsletters and start sharing the best examples of newsletters created by Nourish customers.

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Aug 28
Keep customers informed with an email newsletter

Keep customers informed with an email newsletter

Do your customers know what’s going on in your business? How can you inform them of that press release or that award in a low cost way that’s non intrusive? Most businesses know they need to have an eNewsletter, indeed, many have attempted one, only to find that it doesn’t go out on schedule, the content isn’t quite perfect and it ends up taking ages to get right. This is where the free web service really helps.

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Jul 24

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. By adding images to your feed, your newsletter will look the business. It’s more likely to be read and you’ll certainly improve your click through rate. So here is how to do it…

Adding images to your feed might not be a standard feature of your blog or CMS. If you’re feeding off a WordPress blog, you’ll be glad to know its pretty simple. Just install the aptly named plug-in ‘WP RSS Images’ – written by Alain Gonzalez – and don’t worry about it being version 1.0; he got it right first time.

Once installed, you can configure the size of the thumbnail image to be used in your feed, which is automatically generated. Since only the first image can be taken, as my aussie friends say, make it a beauty.


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