Mar 21

9 New Beautiful Templates

Choose from nine stunning newsletter templates

Wow! Check out our newsletter templates, available now.

There is a simple formula to great newsletter design – keep it simple. Each template is similar in layout, but unique in imagery. Pick the template that suits you best & watch your open & click through rate soar!

There are nine distinct templates representing different sectors, demographics and industries. We’ve tried to include something for everyone. Login today to browse the new templates available.

We’ve tested them in a variety of email applications including mobile email and on the iPhone. Wherever used, your Newsletters will look great!

Example newsletter template for schools

You can even download & edit your preferred template, so you can add your branding or change the colors or fonts as you see fit.

Remember, if you want a custom template, we’ll do it free if you upgrade to any annual plan, or for just $99.

Let us know what you think…

2 Responses to “9 New Beautiful Templates”

  1. Nadj Says:

    Hi there!

    Could you send me the templates? I am creating our company’s first newsletter and would need somr help!

    Thanks a lot!


  2. Vallie Mcquillen Says:

    Thanks, quite nice article.

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