Mar 19

Hints and Tips

Stop…..check your email checklist!

Before you click send check your email checklist to avoid embarrassing mistakes. If you don’t have a checklist here are a few things we recommend putting on yours.

  • Test your subject line for readability in different email programmes then…
  • Check how your email appears in different email programmes
  • Do the first 15 characters contain the main hook?
  • Does it contain any spam filter words? – Free, click here, act now
  • Does the link point to the correct landing page
  • Does your email have the mandatory information – think about what you need to be putting in every email – i.e. a register now link, dates/times/location of events etc
  • Most importantly think about how it will look to the recipient. Consider the design and layout – make the first sentence snappy and short.

And don’t forget…..check, check and check again…..

Use your checklist every time you send a newsletter and your email campaign will always run smoothly and efficiently.

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