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Which social media site is best for your business?

Each social media platform offers something different. Here we focus on the top 3, highlighting their strengths and key features so you can decide which ones fit your business best. Before jumping in to any social media activity, consider who your key demographic is and think of how best to engage this audience.


Facebook pages are a great tool for businesses. In fact if you operate internationally you can conveniently run all your pages from one login. facebook
It allows you to share content including images and videos and it is also great for arranging events. With no limit to the number of characters you can use per post, Facebook is ideal for explaining your business, selling your concept to potential customers and raising awareness of your brand.

A word of warning, you should try and limit yourself to one post a day unless it’s exceptional news. The optimum number of posts per week is between 3 and 5.

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Twitter is a great way to promote your business, including special offers and bulletins. With only 140 characters per tweet, your posts need to be concise and focused on twitterone thing; this is why many companies tweet away all day! It is recommended that a business tweets every 2-3 hours, but if you are repetitive and are not publishing anything of value to your followers you will become very annoying, very quickly!

Set time aside to interact with your followers and show off your expertise, a retweeted comment or conversation with a user provides you with excellent exposure to all of their followers as well. Also, make the most of the popular hashtags to ensure you are on trend. A Twitter account needs a consistent commitment and you will have to allocate some time to it to reap the benefits.

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LinkedIn has had a massive boom in users over the past 18 month. It is by far the best site for networking and posting career relevant content. linkedin

Many businesses do have pages on LinkedIn, but that is not what it was designed for. In fact, by using your own personal profile to promote your business you will have increased success.

Ensure you join relevant groups and share your ideas and business updates with like-minded people. There is a special section of each group for promotions, so don’t go for the hard sell on the discussion page as you will more than likely be removed!

Use this site to show you are an expert in your field. In the long run earning the respect of other users will prove far more valuable than the few sales you may make by pitching your products and services.

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