Feb 27

TOP TIP THURSDAY | email marketing success

The key to a great eNewsletter is engaging your audience, this however is easier said than done. People on average receive 40 emails a day, so it is hard to make your email stand out from the crowd without looking spammy.

Here are 3 great tips for nailing your email marketing campaign.

spam1, DO split testing

You are trying to please your audience, so work out what they like. Split testing is a great way to learn what is received well, and learn from what isn’t. Instead of guesswork, you can actually measure the difference and make informed, data-backed decisions.

2, Think carefully about the subject line

The ‘preheader’ is the first 35(ish) characters that will be displayed in most email browsers. Use this valuable space wisely.¬†Although a lot of research has been done about the length of the subject line, there really isn’t a right answer but here is how the land generally lies. Use a subject line that is under 50 characters and this will drive awareness of your brand, and is likely to get a good open rate. Using a longer subject line will probably get a lower open rate, but a higher click through rate as those who have read the whole title only click if the content genuinely interests them.

3, Distribute creative content

A well presented, attractive email works wonders but without the content to back up its good looks a reader will soon stray. Think of ways of engaging your reader, being controversial, edgy and taking a different view on an otherwise generic topic are all good ways to do this. Encouraging commenting and social media sharing are also a must.

For more great advice see our interview with email marketing expert Tim Watson

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