May 08


Here are 5 pieces of advice which will enable the success of your email marketing campaigns.

1. Email early in the week

Research has shown that people are the most responsive on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can understand that on Monday most people are catching up after the weekend, send your email just after lunch on a Tuesday for the best results.

2. Select your subject with care

So your email has arrived in the  inbox at the perfect time, but you need to ensure that your subject line is enticing to guarantee your email will be read.

spamThe first few words need to be relevant and tell the reader what the email is about.

They want to see a summary of what is on offer, for example:

“Travel Insurance? We’ve got it covered” 

and not a string of nonsense such as:

“CEW limited Edition Box | Watch YOU Book Day LIVE! | Discount at AX Paris‏”

3. Ensure your subject is fit for purpose

For this we refer you to the advice of email marketing addict Tim Watson

“I would say that the best lesson to be learnt for the subject line is not to always make it less than 50 characters. Fine, if you want to drive awareness and open rate, use a short subject line. But when the subject line is longer, readers can better self-qualify their interest in that particular email”

4. Be consistent

EmailKeep the look and feel of your email consistent from one week to the next. This should help build brand identity and awareness. It is also beneficial to send your newsletter at the same time each week. This is done automatically for you if you use


5. Make sure your email contains links

You need to ensure the email is fit for purpose and helps you to achieve your goals. If you are a blogger looking to drive visitors to your site, double check you have links in your newsletter. If you are an eCommerce business, you may wish to include a section with a couple of new products or best sellers this week; again make sure there are links back to your site.

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