Mar 30

We are delighted to learn more about and share their story with all of you.

You probably know that worldwide, there are over 200 million blogs. is recognized as one of the 500 most important German blogs according the Blogger Relevance Index and one of the most widely read German Jobblogs according to Wikipedia & DIE ZEIT (the German “Times”). It’s also running the News-Service Best of HR, giving an overview about German HR-Media.

We at recognize that building every day is a challenging task. We wanted to understand and share with you how email newsletter and marketing adds value to their network and subscribers and helps them grow.

Today we have invited Simone Janson, a renown author, columnist and expert in HR Communications who operates for a short interview. Here is how they use to engage and grow their community.

Q: Simone, please tell us more about
A: It is all about Career, HR, Management, Digital Change and the Future of Work. What makes us stand out is our large community. Not only do we have more than 8.000 daily readers and over 10.000 subscribers to date and growing in different channels, but also a large network of Experts and Partners.

Q: What does “Berufebilder” mean and how it is related to its mission?
A: Translated it would be something like “Vocation Building”. It’s a play on words and it means to create your personal job, your personal vocation or the job of your dreams if you want to call it like this, the job that matches exactly your skills and abilities. In the digital and flexible working world of the future this will be a more and more important competence. wants to help meeting this target, giving tips, information and examples of job profiles. In German job profile means Berufsbild, which is quite a similar expression.

Q: Why did you want a newsletter in the first place? 
A: Because it’s easier to keep in touch with our network and it is more comfortable for our clients. Our readers like a weekly overview of all the news and information delivered with a personal approach.

Q: Why did you choose
A: Because we found it simple to set up, very convenient for our email marketing program and matching our ongoing and growing newsletter needs. Also the ability to set up different campaigns to segment subscribers and ability to combine different RSS feeds.

Q: How easy was it to get going with
A: In the beginning I found it a bit unusual compared to other tools, but once I understood the system, I found it much more easy and quick to use than other systems, especially the layout-design.

Q: Would you recommend us to friends/ colleagues?  
A: Yes, and I will recommend it to all my readers on !

Q: Do you want any new specific features which will help make your newsletters even better?
A: It would be nice to add customizable auto-responders for new subscribers. Also a double opt-in function.

Q: How much has your web traffic increased thanks to Do you see any change in figures already?
A: It’s difficult to say, because I started together with other marketing channels. However I have already received a lot of positive feedback for the clean design of our eNewsletters powered by And last but not least, the number of our subscribers nearly doubled in less than 3 months! Congratulations! How cool is that?!

Q: How do you intend to promote your newsletter to increase subscribers? 
A: I have already set up a subscribers-only area which brings a lot of new subscribers.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share: stats, news, info…
A: I would like to thank for the great support! Thank you Simone! It is a pleasure having you on board and learning from you!

Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed today’s story. Let me know how you use by emailing me at my[at] Sharing your story will help us and others discover you and learn more about your business.

With any paid plan you can create as many different campaigns as you need and segment your subscribers in a way to deliver the most meaningful content to each group. campaign statistics and integration with Google Analytics provide you with insights into what works well for your newsletter and which aspects you can improve.

Interested to find out how can also help you and your business engage with the right audience? Then drop me an email at my[at] – I will be glad to help you get the best out of your email newsletters with

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Jan 19

you win!

Then email my[at] for the chance to have your newsletter featured on our blog for all to learn about you!

Yes, we are renewing the Featured Newsletter series!

Yes, we love helping our customers in any way possible!

Yes, we would love to have your entry and generate more awareness and exposure for you and your business!

And Yes, You win!

There is no deadline for this, but why wait!? This is a fantastic chance to get showcased and gain more subscribers, so send your newsletter now.

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter and share your tips on how to get the best from you eNewsletter.

And last but not least, if you need any support with getting your newsletter as bright and powerful as you want it, just drop us a line! We will be more than happy to help :-)

Dec 30

Happy New Year from the Team

Only a handful of hours to the beginning of 2016 and we already smell the fireworks.

We would like to take a moment and thank you for being with us in 2015 and helping us shape the eNewsletter solution. Please continue to reach out to us and keep your ideas and suggestions coming. We are always happy to hear from you. Any time!

The team wishes you a happy holiday season and a great new year! We hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration wherever you are in the world!

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Dec 29

our winners

Huge THANKS to everyone who entered our big yearend giveaway! We are overwhelmed with joy and appreciation for all our fans out there taking time to join us!

Without further ado here are OUR WINNERS:

Four x 3 month subscriptions of the Basic plan, each worth $225, go to:

  • Gabriela N
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Two x 6 month subscriptions of the Basic plan, each worth $450, go to:

  • Mary D
  • Katelyn M

Congratulations to all our winners! Your plans will be activated on January 1st. We will be in touch very soon with tips on how to make the best out of and empower your business for the months to come.

To everyone else who participated, please stay tuned for more news from us. We plan more goodies in the new year!

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Dec 10 Giveaway!

Don’t miss the Thank You Giveaway!

As another great year draws to a close we would like to thank all of our customers for choosing as their email marketing solution and helping us shape the service.

What a better way to say thanks than a present! We are giving all our existing and new customers (who sign up between 11-22 December) an easy and fun chance to win 6 beautiful presents!

What do we give you:
1) Four x 3 month subscriptions: Basic subscription for 3 months will be offered to four winners. (Each worth $225)
2) Two x 6 month subscriptions: Basic subscription for 6 months will be offered to two winners. (Each worth $450)

So, the total value of this giveaway is: $225 x 4 + $450 x 2 = $1800 and a great way to boost your business in 2016 = priceless!

How to get it:
All you need to do is to perform simple social actions AND drop us an email at sales [at] to let us know.
1) Share this post on Facebook = 1 point
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3) Leave a comment on this post to tell us more about your business and how you will/ are using = 1 point
4) Do all 3: Share on Facebook with your friends, Tweet about it & comment on our blog to get 5 points!

Based on these points we will choose our six winners.
To enter the giveaway, use this Rafflecopter interface Rafflecopter giveaway

Please Note:
If you do not have an active account please create a free one (yes it’s free forever yours but you can upgrade at any time if you need to!) before making your entries. It only takes a minute! After we choose the winners, we will send a notification email to confirm their email address. Winners have to confirm their email address within 3 days. In the event, if they don’t confirm their email address within 3 days, we will pick a new winner.

Entries window:
The entry period starts on 11 December at 12:00 am GMT and ends on 22 December 2015 at 12:00 am GMT.

Already a customer on a paid plan?
If you are one of the winners we will simply waive the monthly fees!

If you need any convincing at all here are the benefits of the Basic subscription on offer:

1) Up to 10,000 emails per month: You choose how to use this allowance and the team at will happily advise what is best for your and your goals. This could range from sending 1 newsletter a month to 10,000 subscribers, through to sending 4 emails a month to 2,500 subscribers.

2) Unlimited number of campaigns: You have the ability to create dynamic campaigns. By categorizing or tagging the posts within your blog, only relevant content is sent out in each campaign. High relevancy means a higher readership and lower unsubscribe rate.

3) Unlimited number of subscribers: You can upload as many subscribers as you want to your account. Simply upload your database when creating your account, and keep building your subscriber base one email at a time.

4) Custom templates: With custom templates you can really make the newsletter your own. Choose from our pre-made templates that suits your brand and your message or upload a custom template matching the look and feel of your blog/ website for eye-catching campaigns.

5) Track your progress: Track the success of your campaigns with Google analytics. Use these stats to influence future decisions and ensure you are driving relevant content to users.

6) Multiple RSS feeds: You can create automated email newsletters and include multiple RSS feeds in a single newsletter.

7) Automatic scheduling: Scheduling is an important aspect of email marketing. A newsletter which is scheduled correctly gets a higher open rate and click through rate. provides automatic scheduling options for your newsletters so that you can schedule them on a specific date and time. Sending out is easy with no action required from your side.

8) Personalized support: The team are on hand to ensure you make the most out of the service. The more we know about your needs, the more we can tailor to suit you. We can help you grow your subscriber base, improve your campaigns and are open to users suggestions for new features.

We look forward to giving you your present! Good luck!!

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May 29 Spring Promo

There are probably very few businesses out there who do not leverage the power of e-newsletters. But what if you are using a paid service that does not pay you back? Could you use an alternative service that is really cool, flexible, affordable and would support your growth at every step?

Not only you could, but it comes with a really compelling limited time OFFER for you right now!

If you are not familiar with, it is an e-newsletter service that lets you convert any RSS feed into an automated email newsletter and communicate with your readers, partners and customers about your business and what you can do for them.

If you don’t send over 1,000 emails per month or have the need for custom templates, then is completely FREE to use. Wanting more will cost you.

With any of our paid plans you can manage as many online campaigns as you want and one or as many RSS feeds as you want. Each campaign represents a different newsletter that you can tailor to serve the needs of a different reader group. can also be used alongside another service that manages your RSS feed. You can even create an RSS feed from scratch and trust to keep your subscribers notified. All this comes with a speedy friendly support.

If you are using another e-newsletter solution but want to join many customers who have transferred to, we have a compelling OFFER for you that is only running for the next 30 days. In exchange for transferring* your newsletter campaigns to, we’ll give you:

  • 6 months free on our Starter plan which lets you send out up to 5,000 emails per month (we can tailor this to your needs so let us know!)
  • A professionally designed custom template matching the look and feel of your website
  • Setup support to help you get the most from your newsletter

*You must be using a paid service and close your account with the competitor to be eligible.

Here’s how to take advantage of this huge discount:

  • Register for’s free package here and email us to express your interest
  • We’ll then create your custom template for you to approve
  • Migrate your subscribers to & send us the proof!

And to make this a “killer” deal the first 30 customers who transfer to will enter a competition for 3 months free use of our Professional plan which gives you up to 100,000 emails.

Existing Customers we have not forgotten you!
If you’re an existing free user, you can upgrade for a year and get 6 months free on our Starter plan (again this can be tailored to your needs so let us know!) and access our cool premade templates. You can also make the most of this offer by becoming an affiliate and promoting the deal. Anybody that signs up using your unique referral address will earn you a 35% commission on the sale!

This is only running for the next 30 days! Register your interest now by emailing us at sales at with “Nourish Spring Promo” in the subject line.

If you need support at any step just drop us an email or leave us a comment and a member of our team will chat with you!

May 08

Here are 5 pieces of advice which will enable the success of your email marketing campaigns.

1. Email early in the week

Research has shown that people are the most responsive on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can understand that on Monday most people are catching up after the weekend, send your email just after lunch on a Tuesday for the best results.

2. Select your subject with care

So your email has arrived in the  inbox at the perfect time, but you need to ensure that your subject line is enticing to guarantee your email will be read.

spamThe first few words need to be relevant and tell the reader what the email is about.

They want to see a summary of what is on offer, for example:

“Travel Insurance? We’ve got it covered” 

and not a string of nonsense such as:

“CEW limited Edition Box | Watch YOU Book Day LIVE! | Discount at AX Paris‏”

3. Ensure your subject is fit for purpose

For this we refer you to the advice of email marketing addict Tim Watson

“I would say that the best lesson to be learnt for the subject line is not to always make it less than 50 characters. Fine, if you want to drive awareness and open rate, use a short subject line. But when the subject line is longer, readers can better self-qualify their interest in that particular email”

4. Be consistent

EmailKeep the look and feel of your email consistent from one week to the next. This should help build brand identity and awareness. It is also beneficial to send your newsletter at the same time each week. This is done automatically for you if you use


5. Make sure your email contains links

You need to ensure the email is fit for purpose and helps you to achieve your goals. If you are a blogger looking to drive visitors to your site, double check you have links in your newsletter. If you are an eCommerce business, you may wish to include a section with a couple of new products or best sellers this week; again make sure there are links back to your site.

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May 01

facebookWith over 1 billion users Facebook is an essential resource for businesses. However, with the introduction of Facebook ads, all users were instantly converted in to potential advertisers. In order to reach all your friends and family, or all of your business page followers you now have to pay.

Each time you post something on Facebook this is only ever shared with a small percentage of your friends/likers, if no one engages with the post then that is that, no more people will view it. However, if some people engage with a post, it means the post will be shared with more of your followers. Facebook is designed so that the interaction of your followers decreases over time, thus increasing the demand for Facebook ads.

Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid using them:

  1. The banner ads have an awful conversion rate

The average CTR is just 0.05%, simply because people don’t head to Facebook to shop. It is a platform for interacting with family and friends, not a shopping platform. Compare this to the average CTR of a Google ad of 2% and it is clear where you should be making the investment.

2. You don’t need them

Facebook has cleverly engineered this false demand. The number of likes you have is certainly important, but as with most things in life quality is better than quantity. Organically grow your number of likes with exciting, shareable content teamed with exclusive offers for your Facebook fans. This will produce a higher ROI.

3. They won’t benefit your business

Promoting a post will guarantee that the number of likes you have will increase. Having said that, the new likes that you acquire are likely to be of low quality and the users are not likely to engage with you/your posts after the initial click. These low quality likes mean that even fewer people who actually care about your business will now see your post. As previously mentioned, if the people who like your page don’t engage with a post, that is the end of the trail; no more people will be able to see your post. Having a large number of low quality likes will definitely reduce your reach.

4. Are the new likes real?

Facebook bans acquiring paid likes from such places as click farms (low-paid workers hired to click on paid advertising links).These farms are typically based in developing countries such as Egypt, Bangladesh, India, The Philippines etc. You would also find these likes to be of low quality and there will be little/no engagement with your posts – typically less than 1%. When you create a Facebook ad you can choose which countries you wish to target. However, you may only need to look at the profile of one of your new likers to see something isn’t quite right. They already like 3,000 other pages.

5. Charging you to share content with your friends and family is not acceptable

Enough said.

Do you have any experience with Facebook ads? Let us know how ad campaigns worked for you by commenting or clicking here.

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Apr 29

file3841264111584Here at we understand the importance of a well executed eMarketing campaign; we work tirelessly to perfect our own!

However, we still find that we need to convince people that email marketing is beneficial. Here are some crystal clear reasons why you should be utilising this form of marketing.

1. Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%.

That is mind blowing; the ROI is significantly higher than all other types of marketing. There are low/zero start up fees and it requires a minimal investment of your time after setup. Imagine you were subscribed to the starter package costing $29 a month. This equates to a potential ROI of $1,247 per month!

2. Companies view email marketing as a better return on investment than PPC, content marketing, social media, offline direct marketing, affiliate marketing, online display advertising, and mobile marketing.

By investing a small amount of money and time, you can create an extremely lucrative email marketing campaign. If you are not already actively using email marketing speak to one of our specialists today. They will help set-up a campaign and guide you to a tip-top sustainable newsletter.

3. 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. 

Email marketing works. It puts your brand at the front of the readers mind, even more so when you choose a clever title and deliver people with relevant content.

4. 7 in 10 people say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week.

If you receive a discount code or offer, it is always extremely tempting to use it! It may be that the reader had there eye on a product and that this just nudges them in to making a purchase; it could be payday and the reader is feeling particularly flush. Whatever the reason, rewarding loyal clients with a coupon or discount is a sure fire way to drum up business.

5.  56% of businesses say they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2014.

Somethings get pushed to the bottom of our to-do list; email marketing should NOT be one of them. It is clear from this stat that people do want to do more. Understandably we just don’t get round to some things. But, with the potential ROI on offer here, it is certainly worth putting time aside for.

(Sources, ExpressPigeon, 2012 Blue Kangaroo Study, Convinceandconvert, Direct Marketing Associaation)

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Apr 17

Is it important to recognise that delegation is the sign of a good leader, not the sign of someone who cannot deal with their work load. lady-in-server-room

Passing on tasks to others in fact highlights many positive skills. It shows that you trust your team members and highlights your ambition to achieve. There is only a finite amount you can achieve alone; whereas enabling those around you will increase your value.

Team members will enjoy the responsibility, and will work hard to show you that you have made the right choice by putting the task in their hands. It is also a massive pat on the back, as it confirms they have the necessary skills to carry out the task. If some training is required, it shows that you believe they can do the task and that belief will make your staff want to please you.

3 Steps to delegation

1, Identify tasks

The best things to delegate are common tasks that take up your time.

After initial training the repetition of the task will keep it fresh in the mind, and will free up a large amount of your time.

2, Choose the right person/people

You should know who has the right skills to take care of a task. If not, simply ask other members of the team who is good at spreadsheets, or who has a keen eye for analytics.

3, Build up gradually

Don’t just offload all your work in one fair swoop, pass things over one at a time. Ensure your colleague is comfortable with the task and requires minimal assistance, and move on to your new tasks gradually.

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